WYMSi Privacy Policy

The WYMSi app does not ask for or save any personal information. Signatures, doodles and text are not saved separately from the photos they are applied to.

Any contact information provided through correspondence with WYMSi will only be used as necessary for that correspondence and follow-up.

Any future WYMSi newsletter or other email lists will be opt-in only. We will not share or sell your personal information.

Use of Images for WYMSi Contests:

A WYMSi user gives implied permission for use of any WYMSi’d photo appearing in a Twitter post with @WYMSiApp or #WYMSi included in the post. Implied permission is also given when WYMSi’d photos are emailed to or other email designated for WYMSi contests. WYMSi’d photos designated in these ways may be re-posted on social media and/or included on These postings will include WYMSi user’s Twitter handle or first name and last initial only.

WYMSi contest winners will be notified via Twitter or email, depending on the method of entry. WYMSi will request names and mailing address of winners only for purposes of mailing prizes. That information will not be kept. If a WYMSi user is under the age of 13, name and address must be that of a parent or guardian.

From time to time, we may request permission from a WYMSi user to re-post a WYMSi’d photo that comes to our attention through Twitter posts not labeled with WYMSi, or other media. Any contact information used to reach those users will not be saved.