About WYMSi


I WYMSi, do you WYMSi?

WYMSi is the first photo app that allows you to add celebrity autographs or doodles to new photos or those stored in Photos on your iOS devices.

You never know when you’re going to run into somebody famous! If you live in LA or NYC, it can happen at any time. Or maybe you’re somewhere celebrities like to go, or where a movie or TV show films. It could be anywhere. Now there’s no need to scramble for a pen or something to sign – you’re always prepared with WYMSi!

AND you can take that selfie with a star and have them sign it on the spot!

You can also add doodles and text – in various colors and fonts – and share photos easily.

The next time you ask a celebrity for a photo, don’t forget to ask:

“Would You Mind Signing it?”
W Y M S i